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Suspiria- Remake/ La Terza madre - News

"La Terza madre" feiert in Cannes partielle Uraufführung. Gezeigt wurden 20 Minuten des neuen Argento- Streifens, welcher den langersehnten Abschluss seiner "Mütter"- Trilogie markiert!

"Hi Nick, up to my neck in the Cannes labyrinth! Myriad premiered 20 minutes of footage from MOTHER OF TEARS: THE THIRD MOTHER (US title) today (May 17) at 9.30 am at the Gray 3 cinema. The place was packed After a credit roll, and a warning that what we would be shown was very graphic and violent, eight lenghty scenes from the movie were unveiled. I do not want to go into specifics because major plot points were revealed. But the full opening was shown with Asia and Coralina opening the Mother of Tears' urn and the arrival of the demons and the evil monkey. The powder puff scene was next. This was the stuff I saw being filmed in Turin really well put together where Asia is shown how to summon up the spirit of her mother. Then it was the lesbian death scene carried out by the Man in the Overcoat with torture implements. Exorcist Udo Kier's major scene followed, plus Asia running through the panicked strrets of Rome. Adam James major moment followed that with the finale reserved for the entrance of the Mother of Tears herself. I will say it was gory to the max and all the effects looked fantastic. The vibe in the room was mixed. People laughed at the monkey but all jumped at a terrific demonic scare. Talking to everyone afterwards the feeling was the acting was variable (what's new), the scripting had too much exposition (ditto) but that it was beautifully shot - lots of steadicam through the museum - and the photography was fabulous. You can't judge any movie in this bitty way so let's hope it all comes together by final print stage. An unqualified success though is Simometti's music. Wonderful. I'm still gagging to see the whole thing put together. October 18 is now the official Italian premiere date, it's opening the Rome Festival. Dario and Asia arrive in Cannes tonight for the restored SUSPRIA screening in the Cannes Classics strand. A very pecular credit has appeared on the film - music by Goblin and Philip Glass! Quite what that means I don't know, did Goblin's music really need any additional material? While Asia is here I'm finally hoping to pin her down for THE STENDHAL SYNDROME DVD extra interview that she couldn't do in Rome last month. She's in a record four movies here but she's promised to find time to pop over to my villa to be filmed."



Die zweite Neuigkeit bezieht sich auf Argentos "Suspiria", von welchem Remake- Gerüchte nun anscheinend konkretere Gestalt annehmen!

First Sun takes shine to remake Argento's Suspiria

Sheri Jennings in Cannes
18 May 2007 04:00

"New Italian production outfit First Sun has acquired remake rights to Dario Argento's gothic horror classic Suspiria.
The company is led by Italian director Luca Guadagnino (Melissa P), Fendi group fashion designer Silvia Venturini Fendi with producers Carlo Antonelli, Marco Morabito and Massimilano Violante.
The English-language remake will have an international cast and creative team.
It will be influenced by "cinema, videogames, fashion and music,"
said Guadagnino in Cannes. "The Gothic resurgence is very strong and we feel that a new version of Suspira will fit very well."
Horror master Dario Argento will be in Cannes to present the restored version of his classic in the Cannes Classics sidebar.
The projection on May 18th commemorates the 30th anniversary of its release. Argento has just completed the long awaited final segment of the Mother Of Tears trilogy La Terza Madre (The Third Mother) starring his daughter Asia."


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