Montag, 9. April 2007

La Terza madre/ The Third Mother News

"Claudio simonetti has posted on his own forum some information about his score and the film in general:

a rough translation is:

  • the music is finished and the mixing of the italian and english tracks has just been done
  • Simonetti worked almost 4 months on the soundtrack...there are some nods in this music to Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, Carl Orff...its style is classical and also a bit Gothic, especially in the use of a choir...Simonetti is very proud of his music, one of his most beautiful and accomplished.
  • the cinematography is dark but beautiful and full of colours at the same time!
  • the film is full of action and violence (Walter Fasano's editing is very good) with many different locations...the scene(s?) in the catacombs are very good.
  • the film is full of Lee Wilson's digital effects and Sergio Stivaletti's effects.
  • the witches are very, very sexy!
  • there is one of Dario's most striking shots in his whole career, a 4 minute and 10 second sequence without cuts (?) when Asia's character is entering an old house.

translation: mannfan"


Als Release- Date des finalen Mütter-Streifens ist der 31.10.2007 angesetzt. Man darf gespannt sein...

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