Freitag, 6. Juni 2008

Carl Theodor Dreyers Vampyr (1932)

Interessante Neuigkeiten für alle Anhänger des klassischen Kinos. Die ohnehin beachtenswerte britische "Masters of Cinema"-Serie hat für den 25.08.2008 die Veröffentlichung von Carl Theodor Dreyers "Vampyr" (1932) im Programm. Im folgenden die Einzelheiten zur anstehenden VÖ von

- New, high-definition transfer of the Martin Koerber / Cineteca di Bologna film restoration in its original aspect ratio (1.19:1)
- New and improved English subtitle translation
- Full-length audio commentary featuring film scholar Tony Rayns
- Full-length audio commentary featuring Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro talking about one of his favourite films
- Two deleted scenes, removed by the German censor in 1932
- Carl Th. Dreyer (1966) – a documentary by Jörgen Roos
- Visual essay by scholar Casper Tybjerg on Dreyer’s Vampyr influences
- The Baron – a short MoC documentary about Baron Nicolas de Gunzburg
- Inspiration for the film – Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla – as an on-disc pdf.
- 80-page book featuring rare production stills, a facsimile reproduction of the 1932 Danish film programme, writing by Tom Milne (The Cinema of Carl Dreyer), Jean and Dale Drum (My Only Great Passion: The Life and Films of Carl Th. Dreyer), and Martin Koerber (film restorer).


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