Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

Argentos neues Projekt: Giallo

Nach der ersten Ankündigung für Argentos neues Projekt gibt es jetzt schon die ersten Details:

Alan Jones writes:
"Hi Nick, Dario’s new project might well be the English language thriller GIALLO written by Sean Keller and Jim Agnew. (The same writers have also just written John Carpenter’s latest LA GOTHIC). But while nothing has been set in stone regarding start date and other finer details, here’s what it’s about.You might at first think the title simply refers to the type of stylized Italian crime thriller Dario popularized with THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE. Indeed, the story revolves around his favourite themes of gorgeous victims, excessive bloodletting and deviant killers. However, here the maniac responsible for a string of mutilation murders in Milan (but he’ll film in Turin again), is actually yellow, the literal English translation of the Italian world. Thanks to hereditary liver disease Hepatitis C, the psycho’s skin is a vivid sallow colour. His equally jaundiced view of the world compels him to first make the pretty women he picks up in his (yellow) taxi cab ugly before killing them.Favoured methods include cutting off their eyelids and lips. The four main characters are air hostess Linda Clark (Asia’s role) whose catwalk model sister Celine has gone missing, Detective Enzo Lavia (Ray Liotta) who is driven to tracking down the pattern killer due to past demons, and the madman, referred to as Yellow (Vincent Gallo – note that’s Giallo with the 'i' missing in what is bound to feature in the marketing campaign). Key scenes echo Dario’s famous work – e.g. a glass roof Mall sequence - there’s a puzzling logo clue and there are a couple of neat twists along the way to keep a surprise element to the unusual finale. I can’t be more precise about the plot, deliberately styled after Dario’s early thrillers, although I do feel it has CAT O NINE TAILS meets OPERA potential. More details soon."


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